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Meet Gina!

Have you seen Gina around our Great Smiles Orthodontics offices? Gina wears many hats and brings so much value to our team! Read more about her in her interview below.   What do you like most about working at Great Smiles? The awesome doctors that I get to work with! They have the same passion [...]

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Meet Kacy!

Have you seen Kacy at your orthodontic appointment? Kacy is one of our awesome orthodontic assistants. Want to know more about her? Read her interview below! Where were you born? Here in Birmingham, Alabama Do you have any pets? Yes, I have two dogs named Chloe and Chaka. What is the weirdest thing you have ever [...]

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How to Avoid Orthodontic Emergencies

The best way to prevent an orthodontic emergency is to avoid hard, brittle, chewy and sticky foods. These foods cause brackets to pop off and can bend wires. If a bracket comes off the wire, put it in a bag, call our office to schedule a bonding appointment, and bring it with you. Also, try [...]

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Importance of Good Oral Hygiene During Treatment

It is very important to maintain excellent oral hygiene while you have braces. After your braces are put on, we will give you an at-home care kit and explain exactly what you need to do it keep your teeth bright and shiny. Your care kit includes a soft bristle toothbrush, super floss, fluoride toothpaste, an [...]

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The Difference Between Orthodontists & Dentists

An orthodontist must first have a doctorate in general dentistry—just like your family dentist. What makes an orthodontist different from your general dentist is the training he or she receives after dental school. An orthodontist receives two to three years of additional training in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment planning of malocclusion (or “bad bites”) [...]

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What to Expect During Orthodontic Treatment

At your initial exam, the orthodontist will look at your face and teeth and talk to you about your orthodontic needs. Then, the orthodontist takes your records. Orthodontic records include photographs of your face and teeth, x-rays, an intraoral and extraoral exam, and molds of your top and bottom teeth. If the orthodontist recommends bands [...]

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How Much Do Braces Cost?

Initial visits are complimentary. At your initial visit, an orthodontist will do an intraoral exam and let you know what kind of orthodontic treatment you need. You can then schedule an appointment for orthodontic records. Orthodontic records include pictures of your face and teeth, x-rays, a more thorough exam of your face, teeth, and jaws, [...]

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Sweet Tooth Fridays

Once a month, we host Sweet Tooth Fridays at our Crestline location. After you get out of school, come on over to our office and grab a snack! We have different treats each time. In the past, we’ve had popsicles, lollipops, and popcorn. Please stop by and see what we are cooking up at our [...]

Three Convenient Locations

Great Smiles Orthodontics has three convenient locations to serve our patients. Our offices are located in Inverness, Trussville, and Crestline. Wherever you live in the Birmingham area, we are here to serve all of your orthodontic needs. Our staff is thoroughly trained in orthodontic care, and Drs. Savage and Weissman have over 40 years of [...]

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