It is very important to maintain excellent oral hygiene while you have braces. After your braces are put on, we will give you an at-home care kit and explain exactly what you need to do it keep your teeth bright and shiny.

Your care kit includes a soft bristle toothbrush, super floss, fluoride toothpaste, an interproximal brush, and wax. You should brush your teeth two to three times a day for at least two minutes. You can turn on your favorite song and brush for the entire song to make sure you are brushing long enough.

You need to brush under and on top of your brackets to ensure all plaque is removed. Brush a few teeth at a time before moving to the next section of teeth.

Flossing is a little trickier while you have braces. Super floss has a stiff-ended floss threader built in to make it easier to get under the wire. After the floss is under the wire, make the floss into a C shape and floss the side of each tooth.

The interproximal brush is a small, tufted brush that helps you clean between the teeth and around the braces. This brush can help you get to the hard-to-reach places around your braces.

Good oral hygiene helps prevent white spot lesions, cavities, gum disease, and inflammation. At every appointment, we will tell you how you are doing with your oral hygiene and show you any spots that you are missing.