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Dr. Weissman:

Hi! I’m Sherri Weissman, one of the orthodontists here at Great Smiles Orthodontics in Crestline. Welcome to our office!

We decided to open our office here in Crestline five years ago. I have lived in this community for over twenty years, and wanted to have an office in the area so we can be an active part of the community, treating friends, family, and neighbors.

I grew up in Dothan and was fortunate to not need orthodontic treatment growing up, but my sisters all did. I got to go to the orthodontic office with them and see the changes that orthodontic treatment made in their smiles. After college and dental school, I went on to complete 3 years of orthodontic training and became an orthodontic specialist!


Everyone is always happy when they come in here. We are full of happy children and adults, always improving their smiles. We really love our patients, and that just adds to the positive atmosphere at Great Smiles Orthodontics.

Dr. Weissman:

Our favorite part of our job here at Great Smiles is when we complete a patient’s braces treatment. Seeing where they started to where they finish; watching their transformation in their confidence and self-esteem. It is so rewarding to see those final results and the impact it makes on a patient’s life.


The Chamber does so many important activities, fun events and it keeps us up to date on those things.

There is no place like Mountain Brook! It is an awesome place to work and live! I love the community and families here and getting to treat the children of Mountain Brook. It is really cool getting to watch the families I know sending their children and friends to us.

It’s a great community and I love getting to be a part of it.

Dr. Weissman:

The majority of our patients are children and teens, however we do treat adults, as much as 30% of our patients are adults.

Orthodontic treatment today has come a long way, and at Great Smiles Orthodontics, we are always on the front line for innovation and technology. We do a lot of Invisalign treatment, and with our state of the art technology, there is no more need for impressions! Instead, our equipment allows us to create 3-D scans of a patients teeth, complete with simulations to show a comprehensive before and after image of what their smile will look like with the help of orthodontic treatment!

You can get in touch with our office by calling us at: (205) 803-1115

You will likely be talking to Gina who will be happy to answer any questions or schedule your complimentary consultation.

You can also find out more about Great Smiles Orthodontics by visiting our website at:

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