Have you seen Kacy at your orthodontic appointment? Kacy is one of our awesome orthodontic assistants. Want to know more about her? Read her interview below!

Where were you born?

Here in Birmingham, Alabama

Do you have any pets?

Yes, I have two dogs named Chloe and Chaka.

What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

I put hot sauce of some kind on almost everything!

What celebrity do you think has the best smile?

Julia Roberts

What do you like most about working at Great Smiles Orthodontics?

First of all, I LOVE my boss! I have been in the orthodontic field since I was 19 years old and I love what I get to do everyday. The closeness I feel with my coworkers is huge and something you don’t always have with a job.

What can you be found doing on the weekends?

On the weekends, you can find me running kiddos around everywhere! If I am not doing that, I am watching Alabama football, shopping, watching Trussville HS football games, or enjoying time with my friends.

Have you ever had orthodontic treatment? If so, how old were you?

Yes, I had braces at 39 years old for a year and a half. It is never too late to have a great smile!

If money were not an issue, where would you like to travel and what would you do?

I would love to go to New York to shop, Bermuda and Puerto Rico to sight see and spend time on the beach. Also, I have always wanted to go to Australia.

If you had to describe yourself in three words what would they be?

Kind, fun, and open-minded.