Digital Scanning with our iTero scanner

We no longer have to take impressions for appliances at our offices! Whether you are getting Invisalign or your child needs an appliance that is fabricated by a lab, all we have to do is scan your teeth! Our 3-D scanner is top of the line technology. It takes less than five minutes to scan your top and bottom teeth.

Cone Beam CT

When a more in depth look at your bone structure or position of your teeth in your jaws in indicated, we can take a 3-D x-ray at our office. This x-ray allows our doctors a detailed and three-dimensional image of the facial structure. This is helpful for planning surgery, locating impacted teeth, identifying pathology, determining where your dentist can place a dental implant, and the depth of your airway.

Soft Tissue Laser

Sometimes, teeth need a little extra help coming into the mouth. If our patient’s have a stubborn tooth that is having trouble erupting, we can use our in-house soft-tissue laser to remove just enough gum tissue to allow the tooth to erupt. Also, we can use the laser to recontour our patient’s gums after their braces come off if needed. We use a compounded topical gel anesthetic when we use the laser- no shots here!


Propel is a service we offer to help speed up treatment if our patient’s have a tooth that is being stubborn or a complex movement is required. Propel works by placing tiny micro-osteoperforations in the bone to stimulate increased bone turnover and healing. The Propel system utilizes an FDA-registered medical device that was developed by research performed at New York University’s College of Dentistry. This process is both safe and easy. Each Propel treatment can be completed in minutes, causes only minor discomfort and patients are able to immediately resume to their normal daily routine.


AcceleDent is an FDA-cleared, class II medical device clinically proven to move teeth up to 50% faster. Simple-to-use and hands-free, AcceleDent is clinically shown to reduce discomfort that may be associated with orthodontic treatment. AcceleDent is the fast, safe and gentle way to speed orthodontic treatment. It works SoftPulse Technology® to generate small vibrations, or micropulses, enhancing the movements directed by your orthodontics, allowing for faster tooth movement. This product is backed by research. Acceledent also reduces the discomfort associated with braces. If you or your child is concerned abut the discomfort from orthodontics, Acceledent would serve to decrease dental pain and speed up treatment. This product works great with Invisalign as well as traditional braces.

Botox treatment

At our Trussville office, we offer Botox for those who want to enhance their smile. Dr. Savage can use Botox to addressed frown lines, forward wrinkles, and crows feet.