Retainers are an exciting phase in orthodontics because it means that you have finished your treatment phase! Depending on your bite, our doctors will help you choose the best retainer for you. Let’s take a look at some of the different types.


These retainers consist of a piece of wire often glued to the backs of the bottom-six front teeth. We can also place them behind the back of the top-front teeth. This is helpful if you have a large gap between the teeth. These retainers are permanent. Only an orthodontist or dentist has the tools to remove them. In addition, they are convenient, subtle, and long-lasting with proper care. Also, flossing each day is important for your oral health.


Next, clear retainers are a great choice for adults and teens. These will hold your teeth in the same place that they are in the day we make the impression. Most of all, clear retainers are comfortable and subtle.


Lastly, Hawley retainers are also adjustable and can slightly move the teeth if needed. They are good for young patients who still have baby teeth to lose.

Contact us today if you have any questions on the right kind for you!