We Love Our Dentists

We Love Our DentistsWe’re on a mission to ensure every step of your orthodontic journey leads you to the stunning smile you deserve. Today, let’s delve into an important aspect that you may not have thought of – the role of your general dentist and the significance of those regularly scheduled dental visits in the overall success of your treatment.

It’s a Team Effort

Dr. Savage is an expert when it comes to straightening and aligning teeth, but her job in orthodontic journey doesn’t cover everyday dental concerns like cleanings, cavities, or tooth decay. Just because you’re spending quality time in an orthodontic exam chair doesn’t mean you can skip the dentist’s chair altogether.

Why Dental Visits Matter 

Dental visits and regular cleanings aren’t just routine – they’re the backbone of ensuring your teeth are healthy enough to achieve their perfect alignment. Your dentist plays a crucial role in monitoring your dental health and alerting your orthodontist to any potential concerns that could impact the outcome of your braces or aligner treatment.

Getting a Good Clean

Sure, you’re a pro at brushing with your braces, but regular dental cleanings add an extra layer of protection. These deep cleans ensure no sneaky food particles are hiding around your brackets or wires, preventing cavities, tooth decay, and those pesky stains.

Don’t Skip Out

Skipping dental appointments may seem harmless, but it could lead to complications that might prolong – or even hit pause – on your orthodontic treatment. The unexpected loss of a tooth to decay can be a major setback, so let’s steer clear of that roadblock!

Playing Your Part in Progress

Dr. Savage and the Great Smiles team are all in for giving you the perfectly straight smile. Your dentist’s role on this dream team is to keep your teeth happy and healthy. Your part? Maintain daily good oral hygiene and be responsible with your general dentist appointments – you’re a vital player in the progress.

Perfect Smiles Ahead

With Dr. Savage’s expertise, coupled with regular dental visits and your commitment to oral hygiene, that dream smile is well within reach. Before you know it, you’ll be flashing the world the smile you’ve always dreamed of – bright, confident, and perfectly aligned. Remember to contact us if you ever have any questions. We’re excited to be on this journey together. Keep smiling!
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