There are several ways that you can make sure your child has a great orthodontic experience.

First, make sure that you schedule appointments at the recommended intervals so that treatment progresses smoothly.

Also, remind your child to stay away from any hard or sticky foods. Hard, sticky foods can pop brackets off and bend wires. Every time a bracket pops off, treatment is delayed. If your child has a bracket come off, please call us so that we can schedule an appointment accordingly. It takes more time to put a bracket back on than a normal adjustment appointment, so we need to allot enough time.

In addition to staying away from hard, sticky foods, your child needs to limit the amount of sugary snacks and drinks they consume while they have braces. Staying away from sugary foods and making sure that they brush and floss regularly will help avoid white spot lesions.

You also should take your child to see their dentist every three to six months while they are in orthodontic treatment to have their teeth professionally cleaned.