The best way to prevent an orthodontic emergency is to avoid hard, brittle, chewy and sticky foods. These foods cause brackets to pop off and can bend wires.

If a bracket comes off the wire, put it in a bag, call our office to schedule a bonding appointment, and bring it with you.

Also, try not to mess with wires using your fingers or tongue. If a wire is poking you, try to gently press it back into place using a q-tip or sterile tweezers. Sometimes, you can use nail clippers to clip a poking wire. If this does not help, you may use wax to make it comfortable until you can come to the office.

Pinch a small piece of wax off and roll it between your fingers. Place the ball of wax directly on the wire or braces where needed. Rinsing with warm, salty water two to three times a day will also help. If the irritation continues, please call our office. We always have someone on call to handle emergencies.