Now that you’ve completed your consultation, what comes next?

First, we will send your x-rays and photos to the lab to create your aligners. This process can take approximately four to six weeks, so we will schedule your next appointment after six weeks to allow time for your aligners to come in.

Once we receive your aligners, we will bond attachments to each tooth. These attachments allow your Invisalign aligners to adhere to your teeth. Then, we will ensure your aligners fit properly with no visible space between the edge of the tooth and the aligner.

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Tips for Effective Treatment

  • You must wear your aligners for at least 22 hours a day.
  • Remove your aligners only to eat or drink and brush your teeth. You can leave them in if you’re drinking water.
  • Brush your aligners after every meal with toothpaste and cool water. You can also soak your aligners in denture cleaner in addition to brushing to keep plaque at bay.
  • Always keep your aligners in the case when not wearing them. Damaged or misplaced aligners can increase treatment time and costs.